What are Chinese Premium Domains

Just found a nice but small definition of Chinese premium domains over NamingZone, thanks to Zaki for such a nice post.

CHIP domains does not have vowels ‘a’,’e’,’i’,’o’ and ‘u’ or letter ‘v‘, they are short in length mostly  3 letters LLL or 4 letters LLLL but 5 letters LLLLL is also being traded in the Chinese market.
Similarly, in numerical domains, CHIP domains are domains without number 0 ( zero ) and 4 ( four ), high value CHIP domains should contain number 8 ( eight ) which is considered as lucky in Chinese, If number 8 is repeating more than once the domain value will be of higher value, so the patterns which contain 8,88,888,8888 have high value in CHIP domains. Length wise CHIP domains in numericals are 3N NNN

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